Oak Valley Elementary

Oak Valley Elementary
3109 Pedersen Drive
Omaha, NE 68144-3985

Phone: (402) 697-0690
Fax: (402) 697-0769

Oak Valley

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Oak Valley Elementary School is located at 3109 Pedersen Drive. Oak Valley serves not only its neighborhood children, but also provides educational programs for a number of special education students. These programs include multi-handicapped and early childhood special education. Oak Valley has an excellent technology education program. The vision of Oak Valley School calls for blending the similarities and differences of all students and creating an environment that utilizes the strengths of individuals to achieve their highest potential. High achievement will increase student and school pride. Currently, Oak Valley's enrollment is approximately 309 students. An active student council works with staff to provide many learning activities for the student population. Oak Valley also has strong Adopt-a-School partners, such as SAM's Club, WestWood Church, and The Exchange Club of Omaha who contribute to providing Oak Valley students a quality education program.