Creativity Corner

Welcome to Creativity Corner, a monthly article that focuses on easy creative activities you can do with your child. Being creative is more than coloring pictures with crayons or playing a song on the piano. Creative people are the great problem solvers of the world. Creative expression is important in the development of all children. A child does not have to be an excellent artist or accomplished musician to be creative. Creativity can be encouraged and developed a little at a time, through the course of your child’s life. Remember, imagination is important!
This month we are going to focus on stories. Of course it is very important to read to and with your child often. It is also important to help them think about the stories you read. Here are some ideas for using a story to launch your child into creative thinking!
1.       Pick a character from a favorite story and tell or write what they were doing before the story happened. Where did they live? Where were they born? Did they go to school? How many brothers and sisters did they have? What did they do for fun? Did they ever go on vacation? The questions are endless!
2.       Take the story that you read and have your child change the setting. What if it happened in the past? What if it happened in the future? Would it be different if it happened on Mars? What about on an island in the middle of the ocean?
3.       Write a different ending to your story.
4.       Write the story from the point of view of a supporting character, or even from the villain!
5.       Make puppets and retell the story.
6.       Perform a skit or play about the story. You can use old clothes for costumes and toys for props, or make simple masks for each character.
7.       Make up a song about the characters of the story. Sing and dance!
8.       Draw the characters from the story. You can use crayons and paper, paint, or even drawing programs on the computer!
9.       Older children can create cartoons, animations, and even videos about their favorite stories.
10.   They can also make an advertisement, encouraging others to read their favorite story.