Mrs. Hackworth

Mrs. Hackworth

Contact Information

Contact Information:


phone:  697-0690

Welcome to Second Grade


  My name is Mrs. Hackworth and I teach 2nd grade at Oak Valley Elementary in room 8.   I have been teaching for 28 years and LOVE working with kids and helping them reach their full potential!   I am often referred to as "The Critter Teacher" because I LOVE animals, insects, nature and always have some interesting displays in our classroom.  We currently have a butterfly house with Monarch caterpillars in 3 of the 4 life cycle stages, a snake named "Violet", "Freddy the Frog",  "Tony the Toad", "Herman the Hermit Crab" and a Wolf Spider.   We will be hatching chicks or ducklings in the spring.  The kids love to be able to observe and learn about these critters firsthand!

  When I am not teaching, I love spending time with my family at our farm, gardening, camping, fishing and shopping.  I have been married to my best friend David for 30 years, have 3 sons:  Jacob, Ryan (twins) and Tim.  I also have an amazing and adorable 2 year old grandson.

  I am very excited about working with your child, have many activities planned and look forward to working with you!  Communication and participation are important keys in helping children grow! :) 



Literature-based program with emphasis on phonics, whole group instruction, and flexible grouping. *FOCUS* -decoding, fluency and comprehension


Go Math *FOCUS*  -addition/subtraction facts, regrouping, telling time to 5 minutes, money, measurement, problem solving, geometry, fractions


NEW! Hands-On approach with scientific inquiry/observation:  *FOCUS*  -life cycles (plants and animals), weather, physical changes, properties of matter


*FOCUS* -Neighborhoods & Communities (culture), History/Geography (maps/globes), Citizenship/Government, Economics

WRITING*FOCUS* -a variety of resources and strategies will be used to enhance writing and editing skills. 



*LUNCH:  11:35-12:05*

Cycle Days:






4/9 -P.E.

5/10 -P.E.

 *A calendar will be sent home each month highlighting these days and special events.