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Welcome to P.E with Mrs. Z!!!

Hi! My name is, Mrs. Zessin (Mrs. Z.) and I started teaching at Oak Valley in 2008. Originally from Chicago, I graduated from University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2005 and moved to Omaha.


As your child’s teacher I pledge to:

·      Establish a positive, safe learning environment for all students.

·      Teach a variety of physical activities that make P.E class fun and enjoyable.

·      Create maximum opportunities for all students of all abilities to be successful. 

·      Promote student honesty, integrity and good sportsmanship.

·      Guide students into becoming skillfull and confident movers. 

·      Provide specific, constructive feedback to help students master motor skills.

·      Afford opportunities for students to succeed in cooperative and competitive situations.

·      Prepare and encourage students to practice skills and be active for a lifetime. 



First Quarter – Top 10 Objectives in PE

All students K-6th will be able to demonstrate knowledge of P.E. expectations and procedures during 1st quarter. 

Students will participate regularly in P.E.

Students will demonstrate respect for self and others during P.E.

1st Graders will be able to correctly identify the following body parts: arm, leg, head, shoulder, knee, elbow, foot , hand, heart, brain.

2nd Graders will be able to respond appropriately to the concept of “self (bubble space) and general space during a game or activity.

3rd Graders will be able to perform an overhand throw and identify the cues for throwing correctly. Cues are: 1. Side facing your target 2. Arm up and back 3. Step with your opposite foot 4. Trunk rotates and follows through 5. Ball hits the target.


4th Graders will be able to correctly approach & kick a ball using the following cues:  1. Support foot to the side of the ball 2. Continuous motion into kick 3. Contact with the top of the foot (shoelaces) 4. Follow through 5. Ball travels at least 30 ft.


4th Graders will be able to apply appropriate strategies of throwing or kicking to a moving target during a game or activity. 


5th graders will demonstrate an overhead catch using the following cues: 1.Hands reach to meet the ball 2. Only hands contact the ball 3. Correct overhand catching pattern (thumbs “in”) 4. Gives with the ball. 5. Successfully catches the ball


6th Graders will be able to dribble a soccer ball demonstrating the following cues: 1. Keep the head up and eyes forward 2. Move on the balls of the feet3. Contact the ball with the inside, outside, or instep of the foot 4. Keep the ball near the body so it can be controlled 5.Dribble the ball with a controlled tap.




Here are the classrooms and the Cycle Days in which they have P.E:

Kindergarten – Caez:  3&8/5&10

Kindergarten – Guilfoyle 1&6/3&8

1st – Ehlers: 3&8/4&9

1st – Lenihan: 3&8/5&10

2nd – Hackworth: 4&9/5&10

2nd – Voss: 1&6/4&9

3rd – Boyd: 1&6/4&9

4th – Blake: 1&6/4&9

5th – Glandt: 1&6/5&10

6th – Boeka: 3&8/5&10

ACP Beckmann: 1&6

ACP Karkosky: 4&9